Earliest schools in the area were built of logs. Later there were sometimes lined with pine. They were heated by a big box stove usually situated near the back of the room. The out-buildings consisted of a woodshed and two outhouses fully segregated. Parents purchased any books, scribblers or pencils needed by their children.

Below are key dates for the history of the school in the Cobden area. If any community members have additional information or photos to add to this page, please send us an e-mail or contact the school office. Thanks.


Key Milestone/Activity

Before 1865

Children from Cobden attended school on the eastern side of the lake near the little graveyard. The pupils from Cobden travelled by boat in the summer and walked on the ice in winter.


A larger school was built closer to top of hill. Note in J.Morton Store ledger April 1872 "one pair of oars for the school boat". Students continued to cross the lake to school until 1880.


First one-room school, S.S.#10, in Cobden was in the Cobden Lodge on the same general site as the present Public School.


An additional classroom was added on.


A two-storey four-room school was built. Interesting note: The number of pupils enrolled were as follows - Mr. Kerr's room had 41 students, Miss Stocker's 52 and Miss Breen's Primary room had 60. The Inspector expressed hope that "soon there would be sufficient enrolment to justify using the fourth classroom".


Enrolment continued to increase and extra space had to be obtained in the Memorial Hall. This hall was destroyed by fire in 1958. At that time, primary classes were moved to the basement of Grace United Church.


225 pupils enrolled at the High School and 125 students at the Public School.


Present one story building was built where the Kindergarten classes are now.